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Luxury beauty, deconstructed

Those derm and indie brands you love are most likely owned by 1 of 4 huge beauty conglomerates. Like Unilever, who owns both cult-favorite, Tatcha, and king of condiments, Hellmann’s.

The industry tells us there is only one way—showing us 20,000 ads before our 18th birthday: How to look. How to shop. How much to pay. But we’re not playing. 

Whether it’s sold at a Spokane Walmart or a Soho boutique, beauty brands share the same handful of manufacturers and factories—resulting in very similar formulations at insanely different price points.

Products typically cost 10% of the retail price, while packaging often costs more than the actual formula. So that $80 serum you bought really cost $8 bucks, but at least it came in a cute box… that you tossed.

incubator company marketing image
incubator company marketing image


What’s in a brand name? An inflated price tag. Brandefy amps up the benefits and skips the high markup. Here’s how we raise the stakes.